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Your satisfaction is our focus and bonsaii provides the ultimate customer solution for performance, quality, style & value. Our innovation in design and product development brings you industry leading performance combined with a robust and stylish solution.

The bonsaii promise is high quality durable solutions that simply provide you with industry winning solutions for performance, quality, style & value; we hope you enjoy the bonsaii experience and thank you again for taking a look into the future. We want you to enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy providing the best solution for your satisfaction.

bonsaii is a brand of Bonsen Electronic Ltd. which was founded in March 2005. Bonsen and its customers have benefited from Sino-German cooperation; this joint venture has supported Bonsen with quality, performance and knowledge to consistently deliver the best quality shredders and business machines to a prestigious international customer base.

Bonsen enjoys innovation and has delivered customer driven solutions to become one of the largest suppliers of shredders and business machines in China; Superior products and customer service is our commitment to ensure you the advantages of industry leading customer satisfaction.

Bonsen benefits from a superior geographic location with excellent logistics to provide products on time to the market. Innovation has been a key driver of Bonsen and bonsaii shredders deliver the ultimate solution for protecting your identity, valuable information, money and lives; this solution was only possible because of superior products developed with the cooperation of universities and international teams with our experienced R&D team of 50 engineers. To date over 120 patents have been granted for our innovative superior solutions for delivering customer satisfaction; we want happy and satisfied customers.

The product development and quality assurance is supported by ISO9001 quality systems and our extensive in-house state-of–the-art test lab, to ensure a reliable and robust solution; this gives us the confidence to provide you with superior product warranty for our durable high quality shredders and business machines.

bonsaii delivers on its promises and is supported by one of the largest shredder factories in China, the resources are expanding and currently consist of over 20 production lines and 1300 highly trained production staff. These production facilities have been optimised by Japanese consultants to consistently deliver over 4 million quality products each year.

In summary, bonsaii is a promise to deliver you the ultimate solution for performance, quality, style and value.

Thank you again for your time to learn about our company, we welcome you to try this new experience and enjoy superior innovation and satisfaction.